Whatever way you work - you have an edge with the world’s most secure and manageable PCs.1

HP Mobile Workstations

Meet the new
ZBook Premium Suite

Ultra-slim design meets pro-grade performance.


World’s most powerful detachable PC1.
The ultimate inking solution.

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World’s most powerful convertible PC2. The design you want with the pro-grade performance you need.

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World’s brightest 4K laptop display3. Pro-grade performance meets thin and light design.

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ZBOOK 14U & 15U

The world’s thinnest mobile workstation4. Perfect for technical managers on the go.

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The most affordable mobile workstation5. Remarkable performance that doesn’t break the bank.

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World’s #1 mobile workstation6. Made for heavy design, engineering and simulation workflows.

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World’s most powerful mobile workstation7. Designed to provide the performance of a desktop, on location.

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HP Desktop Workstations

Meet the new Z Workstations

Featuring HP Z8, the world's most powerful workstation.


Unlock the potential of your professional software applications with industry-leading performance. Create, render or run simulations at breakneck speeds. Plus, your work is fully protected with built-in security features.

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The world's most secure workstations1

Advanced security features like HP Sure Start, the industry's first self-healing BIOS with intrusion detection, come standard on every HP workstation. Be confident that your device, identity and data are protected.

Meticulous design

Unbridled power demands state-of-the-art design. Get tool-less access to the uncluttered interior for easy upgrades. Streamlined airflow helps ensure cool and quiet performance, so you can concentrate on your work, not your workstation.

Perfect for machine learning

HP Z Workstations are the optimal platform for edge-computing environments. When you need real-time interaction, low latency and top-notch security on massive data sets, cloud computing can’t compare with local Z Workstation power.

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Featured Desktop Workstations

HP Z4 Workstation

HP's best-selling performance workstation. Built for advanced 3D CAD, BIM and machine learning.


A high frequency processor with a multi-core count is fully capable of handling the demands of 3D CAD and BIM software, so you can visualize your idea anytime during the design process.

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HP Z6 Workstation

A future-proof powerhouse. Perfect for VFX and 3D rendering.


High-powered processors & professional graphics options and up to 384 GB of memory give you seamless performance during graphics-intensive work, such as visual effects and design visualization.

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HP Z8 Workstation

The world's most powerful workstation2. Optimal for simulation, 8K video editing and complex machine learning. 


Top-of-the-line power to run complex simulations, process huge amounts of data, and handle 8K video editing and playback. Plus, the HP Z8 comes equipped with world-class workstation components including the highest memory capacity available3.

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HP Z2 Mini

The world's first mini workstation designed for CAD users.8

Made by and for design professionals, the revolutionary Z2 Mini gives you both performance and reliability in a small, elegant design for the best CAD experience.

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The buzz

"With our increased workloads come massive amounts of data coming back from the field. HP Z Workstations make it faster and more efficient to prep footage for editing. Time is money."

Chad Jackson, Head of Production, Brain Farm

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