The solution for Samsung printers

Solutions can add value to your Samsung printer

Streamline business processes, help reduce costs and enhance employee productivity with solutions designed to work with your Samsung printer.

Help your Samsung printer work harder

Customize your printer with smart solutions to help enhance productivity, connectivity, and security.

Business Core 2.5

The shorcut to easier control and cost-effcient solutions

Business Core™ 2.5 solutions help enhance work productivity, monitor printing usage, and keep documents secure even without a server. Incorporating automated workflow and cloud connectivity, documentation is now easy and fast.

Smart UX Center

Simple customization and strong productivity

The Smart UX Center is an Android-based printing system optimized for copiers to build in strong security and productivity. It’s easy to customize for those unique customer needs.

Printing App Center

Bringing true innovation to your bussiness

The Printing App Center website allows users of the Smart UX Center to enhance their printer with familiar smartphone or tablet functionality. Users can download print applications and widgets for device customization.

Samsung printers

Samsung printers make it easy for users to have the print quality they need at a great price.

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